About Us

img-1815.jpgPhoto by: Erica Mengouchian

 Danika Lee New York is a high end, high quality, and cruelty free cosmetics brand created by the NYS licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist Danika Lee. As a brand, we are driven by luxury and inspired by art. We are enchanted by the beauty of the woman, and we embrace the power of makeup and the liberating self expression that comes along with it. We believe that makeup does not create beauty, it only accentuates what's already there. We celebrate beauty not by telling society what beauty is according to our standards, but by embracing every individual's own definition of beauty. To us, makeup represents freedom. In the world of makeup there is no limitation. There is no right or wrong, there are no rules, and nothing is set in stone. Makeup can be just as practical as it is creative. And with the swipe of a brush you can create any feeling for any moment life throws at you. Your skin is your canvas, and whatever you want to present to the world is your art.