​Can Skipping One Beauty Step Actually Make You Look Older?

​Can Skipping One Beauty Step Actually Make You Look Older?

Posted by Danika Lee on Feb 20th 2018

Often times people think that it is unnecessary to add blush to their beauty routine. Especially with the rise of contouring as the most recent beauty trend, many feel the urge to replace their blush with a bronzing powder. 

What most people do not realize is that this common mistake can actually add years onto the face. Lacking color in the cheeks is commonly associated with sickness, and a pale or bluish complexion is a sign of poor circulation and lack of oxygen in the blood which can be related to older age. 

A rosy color in the cheeks represents natural and healthy blood flow to the skin. Blush essentially adds a warmth to the face that imitates the natural glow of a young, healthy, and vivacious woman.

Blush will also help to add more dimension to the face after applying foundation and setting powder. A foundation’s purpose is to make the skin a smooth even canvas, eliminating any unwanted discoloration or marks. As a result of that, foundation by itself can leave the face looking very flat and lifeless. 

Using a contour or bronzing powder to sculpt the face in addition to a blush on the apples of the cheeks will bring back both shape and warmth to your complexion. 

It is crucial to include blush because when you do not replace the natural warmth of the face, your bronzing powder alone will leave you with a very lifeless and unnatural chiseled look. 

There are a few steps that can be skipped for everyday wear in your makeup routine. For example, you may not feel the need to always apply a false lash, or create a dramatic smokey eye for everyday wear. 

Blush however, is a makeup staple that must always be included in both everyday and special event looks. 

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