Makeup Shaming And Why It Is Wrong!

Makeup Shaming And Why It Is Wrong!

Posted by Danika Lee on Feb 23rd 2018

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, makeup shaming is when one is shamed or ridiculed for the amount of makeup that they wear. 

Accusations going as far as calling women fraudulent with their appearance and questioning women's beauty motives put a negative association with wearing a certain amount of makeup nowadays. 

Makeup shaming is a growing issue in today's society with damaging affects that must be stopped. 

The art of wearing makeup has been around for at least 6000 years with origins leading back to the Ancient Egyptians. Wearing makeup has never had much controversy around it, and has always been considered a normal part of a woman's beauty routine. So what exactly has happened within today's society that the average woman is being judged soley for the amount of makeup she wears?    

In today's Hollywood circle, many celebrities like Alicia Keys, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga etc. are promoting an "Anti-Makeup Movement" by posting "no makeup selfies" on their social media accounts, and attending events with a completely bare face. 

Although it is a beautiful thing to celebrate natural beauty, this movement suggests that natural beauty has somehow become the only beauty worthy of celebration. Boycotting makeup essentially implies that there is something wrong with it and with anyone who feels the desire to wear it. 

The affects of messages like these are detrimental to women who genuinely enjoy the art of makeup and its transformation process. This point of view that a woman is most beautiful in her "natural" state, makes makeup lovers susceptible to both shame and scrutiny from society if they are to indulge in their art.

Most view this movement as empowering and inspiring when in all actuality it is just praising one version of beauty over another. The only way to truly empower women is to celebrate all forms of beauty equally, both makeup lovers and natural beauties the same. 

Limiting beauty to a "natural face" takes power away from women being able to fully express themselves in a way that makes them feel the most confident and beautiful. Only supporting one version of beauty and criticizing another is damaging to society, and the real focus should be on realizing that the exterior is irrelevant to the interior. 

A woman should be able to look the way she feels the most beautiful without having to worry about what type of "message" it may send. The only message society should be focusing on is that a woman is the most beautiful when she feels the most beautiful. Society must work on being accepting to whatever exterior version that may be. If a woman genuinely feels beautiful she will emanate that to the rest of the world, and in turn the world will perceive her undeniable confidence as beauty. 

Movements like the "Anti-Makeup Movement" often start in efforts to promote inner beauty or focus on the natural self, but by promoting merely a different version of the exterior we still miss the mark at trying to shift society's perception of beauty.

Only when society learns that exterior beauty is the mere surface of true beauty, will we all be able to truly see and appreciate each other for who we really are.

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